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To All our Customers at NewSat Farms, we would like to thank you for all your patronage in 2022. This upcoming year is bringing some change as Dennis and Vicki have retired!

The abitour will be closing but NewSat Farms will still be supplying and delivering broiler chicks, laying hens, and turkey poults!

With the retirement of Dennis and Vicki comes two new faces to the business, Nathan and Alexa! 

We look forward to working with all of the customers NewSat Farms has worked hard to obtain and keep satisfied through the years. We are also excited to add new customers and will be expanding our delivery area and adding pick up locations in Burns Lake, Houston, Smithers, and New Hazelton.

If you have questions, please call Nathan at 778-878-1739 or send us an email at newsatfarms@gmail.com


Live Chicks Available

Day old chicks for sale at new sat farms

We sell day old broiler chicks as well as turkey poults.
Please contact us at 778-878-1739 to order and schedule delivery dates.

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